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Vacation: a balancing act

Well for the next week I am on vacation with my boyfriend. Staying in hotels can make it difficult to avoid processed foods for sure, but it’s all about balance. Yes, I packed healthy snacks (leftover almost-healthy brownies, nuts, and homemade energy bars), but I also had a side of Mac n cheese with dinner. […]

No-Stir Risotto with Mushrooms

I don’t know about you, but I am not very patient in the kitchen. I mean, if something is cooking away unassisted, that’s totally fine. But if I have to stand there and babysit something when I could be sitting down with a beer watching Netflix, well, it ain’t happenin’. This is probably why I’ve […]

Book Review: Salt Sugar Fat

Salt Sugar Fat By Michael Moss   Michael Moss, the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who brought “Pink Slime,” the beef by-product, to light in 2009 (which might still be in your store- or restaurant-bought ground beef, by the way), brings us this book, which tackles the way the food industry works to get us hooked on three […]

Pizza! Pizza!

I. Love. Pizza.Who doesn’t? What I love most about pizza (aside from being a vehicle to get bread and cheese into my mouth) is that it is endlessly customizable. I am pretty certain that at any given moment, I can take some random stuff in my kitchen and with minimal effort, make it into a […]

Soup and a Sandwich

I had to work late tonight, plus I’m going on a trip next week — Spring break! Wooo! — (Yes, I know I’m not in college anymore) so my fridge is a little low right now. So I decided to pull together a quick dinner from some odds and ends I had. Half a box […]

Book Review: The Science of Skinny

The Science of Skinny: Understanding your body’s chemistry – and stop dieting forever Dee McCaffrey, 2012 Read the first half of this book (the Science). And if you do decide to read the Skinny half, well, take it with the proverbial grain of salt. The book starts out with the background of the author. She […]

Four Bean Chili

Oh yes. It’s March here in D.C., and that means wildly unpredictable weather. Two weeks ago it seemed damn-near springlike, this past weekend has been cold, rainy, and miserable. Enter this chili. It will warm you heart and soul, not to mention your taste buds. And it is so easy to make. I made this […]

Cutting the crap

Washington Post: Confessions of a recovering diet food junkie Who hasn’t struggled with weight at some point? And how many of us shied away from real food in favor of “diet food” — Lean Cuisines, Special K bars, baked potato chips? I don’t know about you, but all that crap just left me hungrier. Now […]

What I eat, and what I don’t

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more articles and books about the horrors of processed food. I thought I was doing pretty well — I cook at home nearly every night for my boyfriend and me. I load veggies into every dish. I rarely eat red meat. But about a year ago I looked at […]

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