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Avoiding Antibiotics

I avoid meat from animals raised on antibiotics like, well, the plague. This article explains why you should, too: Eating Well: Antibiotics in Your Food By choosing meats that are antibiotic-free, not only am I looking out for my health, I am looking out for everyone’s. And it’s so important to vote with your dollars […]

Not All Processed Foods are Created Equal

I found this article this morning and it really hit home for me. Know thy Enemy: Processed Foods It’s so easy to fall under the sway of the idea that ALL processed foods are bad. Perhaps sometimes I use the phrase a bit too freely. Because honestly, there are lots of processed foods I […]

My Favorite Things

Well, our kitchen is currently a staging ground for 29 boxes of flooring, which has made it supremely difficult to open the fridge and pantry, let alone actually cook a meal. And while the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, we can’t exactly access them. So I apologize for the current state of affairs and lack […]

Good, Better, Best

It’s chaos in my kitchen right now — the reno work is underway, and I didn’t have any time for grocery shopping last weekend, so we are scraping the bottom of the barrel at home. Okay, that’s not totally true. We have plenty of leftovers, frozen stuff, canned goods….just nothing sexy for me to whip up […]

Things are happening!

Scott and I recently came to the agreement that, after three years, it was time. To redo our kitchen, that is! I am sick of cooking on one tiny area of countertop and of the lack of storage space. And Scott is sick of hearing me complain. I mean, for example, I have to keep […]

Almost-healthy brownies

This morning, before I even got out of bed (don’t judge), I emailed my mom asking for the brownie recipe I grew up with. I knew they weren’t healthy. I knew I wanted to make them over. My mom told me that the recipe was her paternal grandmother’s, a woman I never got to meet. […]

Couscous Salad

Couscous: The pasta so nice they named it twice! I’m honestly not a huge pasta fan. I don’t crave it the way many other people do. While I’m almost always happy eating it, it’s not something I seek out, and I almost never order it at a restaurant (well, except maybe when mac and cheese […]

Greek Chicken Pitas

I love this recipe. I love how it is a whole meal wrapped in bread. It is messy and garlicky and finger-lickin’ good. It is finally warming up enough that I don’t have to wear a coat to stoke the grill. It stays light late enough that I don’t need my headlamp to check on the […]

Like a caged animal…

Turns out, zoo animals do better on a real-food diet too! Washington Post: Grizzly bears may have diet lessons that can be helpful for humans And it is absolutely true that your environment makes all the difference. If there’s food available, chances are you will eat it even if you aren’t hungry. If you’re bored, […]

Basics: Yogurt

I used to think the only people who made their own yogurt were crazy hippies. Well, now I wonder why everyone doesn’t make their own. Frankly, I got tired of paying $1+ for a 6oz container of Chobani. While delicious and convenient, there had to be a better way. And after reading Make the Bread, […]

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