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I love a good salad

I love a good salad. I really do. Most people think salads are for dieters, but I think a crisp, clean, fresh salad is one of the most versatile meals you can make for yourself, and a great way to use up whatever you have. Tonight, I had to use up bacon. Oh yes. I […]

Healthy, Inside and Out

Fitness is a huge part of my life. What does this have to do with a blog about eating real foods? Well, exercise does things for our bodies that food alone can’t do — while also mitigating some of the damage we do to our bodies when we don’t always choose the right foods (like […]

Book Review: Pandora’s Lunchbox

Pandora’s Lunchbox by Melanie Warner   This fascinating book delves deep into just where all that processed food comes from and how it winds up in our grocery stores. While Salt Sugar Fat concentrated on the big three most often assailed food additives, Warner takes a different tack and delves into the world of where […]

Gardening for Dummies

Gardening is a relatively new thing to me. Growing up in Florida, I remember just one year my mom grew tomatoes even back before my little sister was born — so I must have been 5 or 6. I still remember, very distinctly, the smell of a tomato vine. It is incredibly powerful and transports […]

What a mess!

I’m alive! I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. The downstairs reno is well underway. We’ve painted, floored, and today 1 million boxes from Ikea were delivered. My entire kitchen is in a pile in the living room. Literally. And it turns out, painting a stairwell is a huge pain in the ass! […]

Crock Pot Chicken and Mexican Cole Slaw

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, one of my all-time favorite holidays. If you ask me, there isn’t much better than a taco. The endless combination of flavors is magic in my mouth. I love everything from a Mexican restaurant hard shell filled with cheese more than anything else, to the gentlest dollop of […]

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