What a mess!

I’m alive! I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. The downstairs reno is well underway. We’ve painted, floored, and today 1 million boxes from Ikea were delivered. My entire kitchen is in a pile in the living room. Literally.

And it turns out, painting a stairwell is a huge pain in the ass! So I did the first coat; Scott gets to do the second and figure out how to paint all the corners and edges. As a joke, I suggested we put crown moulding up so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being perfect…and then we kinda thought about it for serious.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. Physically it’s not really too bad, it’s just the disruption to my normal routine. It doesn’t help that I started working 9 hour days and training for a 10k at the same time all this began…

Foodwise, we’ve actually been doing okay. A lot of eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. We’ve been able to limit eating out (although now that the kitchen is truly disassembled, that might not be the case any longer). But let me tell you, I am just itching to get back to really cooking, not this sandwiches and steamed broccoli nonsense! Plus, I checked out a few books from the library about baking whole grain breads that I cannot wait to try out and hopefully share with you!

But here, without further ado, is a glimpse into what’s going on at our house!

choosing paint colors

First thing we did was try out some paint samples. We bought — I kid you not — 9 different colors before deciding on the dark blue on the left. I think we picked a winner!

Bye bye carpet, hello beer!

Bye bye carpet, hello beer!

While Scott was at work one evening, I was left with the extremely annoying task of painstakingly pulling up the glued-down foam that was beneath the old carpet. Thanks, buddy. But my other buddy, Beer, made the task much more manageable. Thanks, Beer!


Now that all the carpet is up, we can paint! Underneath this can are the 29 boxes of flooring awaiting installation once painting was finished.

living room

After 3 days of painting! And it looks great. I kinda love how different the color looks in different parts of the room, depending on the light. You can also see where the stairwell begins — that’s the fun I got to have last night. The kitchen, off to the far left, is going to be painted dark gray, along with the wall behind me in our dining room.


The eighties called.

Our house, built in ’96, had a decidedly 80’s hardwood border going around the living/dining room. We have also since discovered that the entire kitchen used to be hardwood! Who, in their right mind, takes out hardwood and puts down carpet and laminate? Really?


The flooring begins!

This has been the hardest part so far. First we had to deal with some mini mountains of concrete sprouting up out of the subfloor, which had to be ground down. It was, to say the least, dusty.

Then, the first day, we weren’t locking the pieces together quite right, so they kept coming apart. After six hours of trying and failing, we were incredibly frustrated, exhausted, and probably close to bursting into tears. Not to mention the leather couches were outside…and it started raining.

The next day, we did some research on the good ol’ internet and figured out what we were doing wrong. Armed with new knowledge and an floor installation tool kit, we were able to get the flooring in up to where the lamp is. The day after we got the rest of the floor in the picture in.

And then Scott had to travel for work for 4 days.

But we finished up last Sunday, as much as we could before we start encroaching on the kitchen. Which will be interesting because…there is a raised subfloor in there on top of the concrete, and it seems like if we remove that, it won’t be level. So this should be interesting…


And finally we were able to start taking out cabinets! The only one we haven’t taken out yet is the one containing the sink…we want to be able to wash dishes as long as possible!

And that brings us to today: Delivery day!


That is a lot. Of. Boxes.

I don’t even want to start trying to go through them…but I am so excited for once everything is done and I can get back to cooking real food!

Cross your fingers for us that everything goes smoothly.



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