Oven-dried Tomatoes

This recipe couldn’t possibly be any easier. Well, maybe if you didn’t slice the tomatoes in half first. But other than one slice with the knife, time and a super-low oven do the rest of the work.

There’s just one ingredient: Halved Roma tomatoes.

And you’re left with a delicious treat! I love sun-dried tomatoes — I love adding them to pasta like shrimp scampi, or on pizzas (especially with feta or goat cheese). That slightly tangy, slightly sweet chewiness takes a dish from good to great.


Pop em on a cookie sheet (no oil, salt, or anything!) and place them in a low oven (I went with 215 degrees, but next time I’ll probably do 200) for about 12 hours. This temperature is low enough it won’t even be a big deal to turn on the oven in summer. So have a glass of wine and go to bed early.

You earned it.

If you’re nervous you can check after an hour…

1 hour

Maybe refill that glass and check again after two…

2 hours

But then, like me, you’ll probably say screw it! and go to bed.

And when you wake up, they’re finally done.

14 hours

Couldn’t be easier.



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