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Apple Slaw

So I used to think I didn’t like cole slaw. You know, that little tub of mostly white stuff, coated in mayo, that tends to come in a styrofoam cup? Watery, limp cabbage and carrots and very little flavor to speak of. I’ll pass. Well, turns out I love cabbage. It’s versatile and neutral and crunchy. […]

Smoked Wings

Smoked chicken wings are hands down one of my most favorite recipes to make when we have friends over. They require minimum prep, zero babysitting, and they always impress. I’ve made these half a dozen times now and never had a failure, so I can assure you won’t either. I have never been a fan […]

Summer Reading Round-up

I started a job in November that requires me to commute into DC, 30+ minutes on the train each way. At first I was upset that the amount of time I would spend commuting every day would double, but then I realized: Riding a train is about 9,000 times less stressful than driving in rush hour. […]

Basics: Corn Tortillas

I lamented a few posts ago about finding real-food flour tortillas without trans fats and other unnecessary ingredients. Corn tortillas are just as guilty in this department. Not to mention every time I would buy corn tortillas, they all seem to just fall apart, or crack into 15 pieces, or otherwise just taste blah. No […]

Our Next Life

Early Retirement // Financial Independence // Adventure // Happiness

food to glow

feel good food that's good for you

Herbs and Spices Rock My World

Marking Our Territory

Adventures are better with dogs, dogs are better with adventures

Chivalrous Cooking

Nate Cooks. Jenn Eats.

Paige's Next Chapter

Turning the page on Maryland and writing a new story

Lilly Sue's Bites and Brews

~Discovery of Food and Beer

The Wildly Ordinary Life

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"