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Maple-Soy Glazed Carrots

So if I can be honest, carrots are not my favorite vegetable. Actually, usually I’ll sorta go out of my way to not eat them. But! When you pay upfront for a CSA and you get a couple of pounds of carrots…you find a way to like them. And what better way than by covering […]

Roasted Roots with Whipped Goat Cheese

Winter means root vegetables, and no better day to roast some up than a snow day from work. And if you’re gonna roast some veggies, might as well do a nice big batch. I got carrots, beets, and turnips in my CSA on Saturday. Well, I’ve never been crazy about carrots, I can count on […]

Perfect Potatoes

So honestly, this post was supposed to be called The Perfect Omelette. But after a flipping mishap that splattered my cooktop, clothes, and face with egg (Cue “We Will Rock You”…), I decided this post would instead be about the pan-crisped potatoes I served alongside that omelette (which was destined to become a scramble). But […]

Adventures in Bread Baking, part 1

You may recall a few months ago I said I was going to bake some whole-grain bread soon. Well, I finally did it! And I’ll say, it wasn’t bad for my first attempt. I mean, I’ve made whole-wheat pizza dough before, and baked a few loaves in my lifetime (it’s been quite a while though). […]

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