Frittata for One

I had something like this at brunch with friends a few months ago. At the time I wasn’t crazy about the particular dish but I liked the concept. I knew with some customization, I could make it perfect. And I’d also been making a lot of omelets (necessary when you get a dozen eggs a week from your CSA!), which were delicious and I loved but…damn that flipping! More than once I wound up with egg splattered all over the stovetop. Whoops.

Fritatta for One

It has taken me many, many tries to be able to slip this out of the pan in one piece (which explains why I hadn’t blogged it yet…)

But then I had this. No flipping, no mess, and possibly best of all, the “filling” is distributed throughout, which means every bite is equally delicious. I have since made this open-faced omelet dozens of times, with dozens of combination of fillings. Potatoes, spinach, bacon, kale, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, beans, avocado, and several types of cheese (goat, feta, cheddar, garlic-chive, manchego…). Not all in one, mind you…but close.

Fritatta for One

This particular iteration is mushrooms, red onion, orange and red bell peppers, quartered cherry tomatoes, and feta.

Really, the only rule is there are no rules. Any leftovers you have in the fridge are perfect. Grilled veggies? Check. Smoked pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon from a friend? Check. One time I even mixed in some leftover quinoa salad, to delicious effect.

While this probably won’t work for you on a weekday morning when you’re trying to get out the door (try this instead), it’s become a weekend staple for me. Plus, it is hearty enough to keep you full for hours. No bowl of cereal can do that! Give it a try, and let me know what you mix into yours!

Fritatta for One

Frittata for One

This is fastest to make, of course, if your filling is leftovers that are already cooked. It’s a great way to clean out the fridge before you get a new round of produce from the farmer’s market or your CSA on Saturday morning!
  • 2 eggs
  • oil, butter, or bacon grease
  • a slew of veggies, cooked meat
  • an ounce or so of cheese, grated or sliced with a vegetable peeler into strips (or crumbled, in the case of soft cheese)
  • salt & pepper
  1. In a 8-10″ ovenproof skillet (I love cast-iron for this) saute veggies in the fat of your choice. Cook them in stages so the onions and peppers are cooked enough before you add the spinach and diced tomatoes, for example. Add cooked meat, if using, at the very end, just to warm through.
  2. In a small bowl, scramble eggs with a splash of water and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Over medium low heat, pour into the skillet on top of the veggie mixture and tilt the pan to coat evenly. Sprinkle the cheese on top.
  3. Once the edges of the eggs start to bubble and cook through, slide the pan under the broiler for just a few minutes (don’t even think about walking away) until egg is cooked through and set.
  4. Carefully transfer to a plate (the skillet handle will be hot) and enjoy!


  1. Yummy! šŸ™‚

  2. Looks delicious! Love Frittata

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