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Homemade Granola

Turns out granola is super-easy to make at home. And it has less fat and sweetener, and none of the nasty preservatives and weird chemicals in the store-bought stuff. You can customize it to taste exactly how you want — there are no wrong answers here! And bonus: It makes your house smell amazing! It […]

Weeknight Roasted Chicken

Who says you don’t have time to roast a chicken during the week? The secret is to flatten it out — spatchcocking — so it cooks faster, in just 30 to 45 minutes. You totally have time for this. And also, “spatchcock” is just so fun to say. I made a maple-mustard glaze for this […]

Crock-Pot Beans

I have always been lazy when it comes to cooking dried beans. I buy them at the store, thinking “oh, just think about how much money I’ll save!” and feeling all holier-than-thou. But then reality sets in (of course, not til after I’m home with 4 lbs of beans): The soaking, the rinsing, the babysitting…so […]

Basics: Sauerkraut

Turns out that fermenting your own food is pretty easy. Figures, since humans have been preserving food in this manner for thousands of years. And yet, in our modern, sterile world, the idea of letting bacteria go to town on your food is met with horror and fear. Fear not. This recipe is insanely simple. […]

Basics: Corn Tortillas

I lamented a few posts ago about finding real-food flour tortillas without trans fats and other unnecessary ingredients. Corn tortillas are just as guilty in this department. Not to mention every time I would buy corn tortillas, they all seem to just fall apart, or crack into 15 pieces, or otherwise just taste blah. No […]

Basics: Tomato Soup

So I told you guys I went and picked 40 pounds of tomatoes. You might be wondering where they all went. About 15 pounds of Romas were turned into marinara sauce (I’m still working on perfecting the recipe…). Another 5 or so pounds of Romas were oven-dried. Two more pounds are in the freezer. The […]

Basics: Whole-Wheat Tortillas

When was the last time you flipped over a package of flour tortillas and checked out the ingredients? It ain’t pretty. I used to eat Mission Carb-Balance tortillas, thinking they were a better choice than the regular ones. Well, here’s the ingredient list: Water, Modified Food Starch, Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced […]

Basics: Pesto

Nothing says “summer” like a huge batch of basil pesto. The stuff you buy at the store can’t hold a candle to the real deal, and it couldn’t be easier! As you can see, I am just swimming in basil. So I pruned down my bushes, gave it a quick bath and spin-dry, and crammed […]

Good, Better, Best

It’s chaos in my kitchen right now — the reno work is underway, and I didn’t have any time for grocery shopping last weekend, so we are scraping the bottom of the barrel at home. Okay, that’s not totally true. We have plenty of leftovers, frozen stuff, canned goods….just nothing sexy for me to whip up […]

Guac Attack!

If you ask any of my friends what I love most in this world, they will probably say guacamole. I mean, who doesn’t love a rich, creamy, spicy, fresh, garlicky dip of amazing flavor? And it is so quick and easy. I regularly whip up some guac for a weeknight dinner in just ten minutes […]

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