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Autumn Kabobs

I love grilling in the fall because it’s not too hot to hang around outside, and not too cold yet that you need to wear mittens while wielding tongs. Although today it was in the 80’s so I guess this doesn’t matter anyway, does it? The point is, October heatwave notwithstanding, the produce has turned […]

Smoked Wings

Smoked chicken wings are hands down one of my most favorite recipes to make when we have friends over. They require minimum prep, zero babysitting, and they always impress. I’ve made these half a dozen times now and never had a failure, so I can assure you won’t either. I have never been a fan […]

Tomatillo Salsa

One of my favorite foods is tomatoes (in case you haven’t noticed lately). And one of my favorite foods made from that favorite food is salsa. As in, when I was a kid, if we ran out of tortilla chips but still had some salsa, I would dump the little broken pieces and crumbs into […]


My friends and I are going camping this weekend! I am so excited. I decided to take over our dinners so we could eat a healthy, real-food meal each night. Of course, this is camping, so some processed foods will make an appearance (s’mores, duh. And probably Chee-tos.) but I won’t feel bad about that. […]

Bison Sliders

Summer means burgers! They’re everywhere this time of year. I mean, have you been to a cookout lately?  But rather than going with mediocre-tasting, low-grade beef loaded with who-knows-what, why not pick up some delicious grass-fed beef or bison? Really kick that patty up a notch! At a cookout we hosted a few weeks ago, I grilled […]

Greek Chicken Pitas

I love this recipe. I love how it is a whole meal wrapped in bread. It is messy and garlicky and finger-lickin’ good. It is finally warming up enough that I don’t have to wear a coat to stoke the grill. It stays light late enough that I don’t need my headlamp to check on the […]

Smoked Mac and Cheese

You read that right. It’s the ultimate comfort food. Or in this case, my boyfriend’s ultimate pre-race food. A typical afternoon conversation starts off with me asking Scott, “What do you want for dinner?” and he always responds, “Food.” Except he had a race the next morning so he said, “Pasta.” Scott is a pretty […]

Pizza! Pizza!

I. Love. Pizza.Who doesn’t? What I love most about pizza (aside from being a vehicle to get bread and cheese into my mouth) is that it is endlessly customizable. I am pretty certain that at any given moment, I can take some random stuff in my kitchen and with minimal effort, make it into a […]

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