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Mango-Carrot Smoothie

Happy new year! I can’t believe how fast 2014 flew by. I had such a great year and I hope you did too. I traveled — a lot. Asheville, NC, San Diego, Madison, WI/Chicago, Italy, Boston, a Midwest Thanksgiving roadtrip, Tampa, and finally Hawaii. I am so lucky that I got these opportunities to travel […]

Apple Slaw

So I used to think I didn’t like cole slaw. You know, that little tub of mostly white stuff, coated in mayo, that tends to come in a styrofoam cup? Watery, limp cabbage and carrots and very little flavor to speak of. I’ll pass. Well, turns out I love cabbage. It’s versatile and neutral and crunchy. […]

Book Review: Farmacology

Farmacology by Daphne Miller, MD     That’s it. I’m quitting my job and moving to a farm. Well, I wish. But really, this book was enthralling. And it makes so much…sense. Dr. Daphne Miller visited several different farms, each taking a holistic approach to their product. Whether raising cattle, growing vegetables, making wine, or […]

Book Review: Fat Chance

Fat Chance by Robert H. Lustig, MD “Nature made sugar hard to get. Man made it easy to get.” The premise of this enlightening and informative book is that sugar (more specifically, fructose) is slowly poisoning us all. Consumption of fructose has doubled in the past 30 years (high fructose corn syrup was invented in […]

Like a caged animal…

Turns out, zoo animals do better on a real-food diet too! Washington Post: Grizzly bears may have diet lessons that can be helpful for humans And it is absolutely true that your environment makes all the difference. If there’s food available, chances are you will eat it even if you aren’t hungry. If you’re bored, […]

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