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Shrimp and Grits

A friend and I were talking about grits today at work (I know. We’re weird.). And then we started talking about Charleston and how we both want to visit. My mom visited a few months ago and loved it. A college friend recently got engaged there (and I secretly loved reading her story on her […]

Homemade Granola

Turns out granola is super-easy to make at home. And it has less fat and sweetener, and none of the nasty preservatives and weird chemicals in the store-bought stuff. You can customize it to taste exactly how you want — there are no wrong answers here! And bonus: It makes your house smell amazing! It […]

Mussels Steamed in Beer

Sometimes it’s not so bad when my boyfriend travels or works late. Because those are the nights I get to eat the things he won’t! Things like mussels, which I usually have to order with my girlfriends at happy hour. And then I have to share them. I mean, sometimes life just isn’t fair. I […]

Carrot Soup

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I’m not exactly the first person to make carrot soup but it’s definitely necessary and considering I’ve never even had carrot soup before today, it kinda feels like an invention. At least to me. I’ve mentioned that I’m not the biggest fan of carrots, and yet […]

My Favorite Roast Chicken

There are as many recipes for a roasted chicken as there are cooks. And I bet all of us who roast chickens have tried several recipes. If you haven’t found that perfect one yet, well, here it is. What is it about a roasted chicken that makes us feel warm and cozy inside? Especially after […]

Butternut Squash Sauce

To start: Sorry for the hiatus! Some wickedly bad weather and a wonderful vacation have kept me from the blog for far too long. Why is it that when the weather is at its worst, I lose all my creative juices and turn back to the tried and true recipes? Maybe it’s because my body […]

Spaetlze Two Ways

The first time I studied abroad, in Mannheim, Germany (Six weeks in Summer 2007 — wow, that seems like so long ago!), I discovered basically the most amazing food Germany has to offer. Since I didn’t eat red meat at the time (though I would try some samples here and there), I didn’t enjoy much […]

On-the-Go Frittata

How long do you have to get out the door in the morning? Twenty-five minutes like me? If so, you certainly don’t have time to make a healthy, balanced breakfast. Shotgunning cereal is not an option, loaded with sugar and refined grains and chemicals (BHA and BHT?! Artificial coloring and flavor? Not appetizing.) and it’s […]

Adventures in Bread Baking, part 1

You may recall a few months ago I said I was going to bake some whole-grain bread soon. Well, I finally did it! And I’ll say, it wasn’t bad for my first attempt. I mean, I’ve made whole-wheat pizza dough before, and baked a few loaves in my lifetime (it’s been quite a while though). […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Aioli

It is not too often I dance around my kitchen in reaction to something I put in my mouth (nevermind all the times I dance around in there for no reason.) This made me do it. I know what you are thinking: “Brussels sprouts? The poster-child food of disgustingness is making you do twirls in […]

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