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Give it time

One of the most common excuses I hear about people who won’t switch from processed foods to real, even when they “know better,” is the issue of taste. They think real food tastes weird, or tastes like cardboard, or whatever. Or their boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/kids don’t like that stuff so they can’t make it at home and are forced to buy […]

How does your garden grow?

I am so excited about my little container garden. It seems to be doing so well! We have had a LOT of rain and some warm, sunny days and things are happening! A few days ago I got my first teeny tiny tomato. Well, now it is golf-ball sized and has invited about 15 friends […]

Tis the season

…For farmers’ markets, that is! Our community farmers’ market is back for the summer! Today I picked up some yellow and green squash, garlic, garlic scapes, and a sage plant (mine was decimated by the recent storms…and this one is much bigger and ready to use). I can’t wait for many happy returns this summer, […]

Avoiding Antibiotics

I avoid meat from animals raised on antibiotics like, well, the plague. This article explains why you should, too: Eating Well: Antibiotics in Your Food By choosing meats that are antibiotic-free, not only am I looking out for my health, I am looking out for everyone’s. And it’s so important to vote with your dollars […]

Not All Processed Foods are Created Equal

I found this article this morning and it really hit home for me. Livestrong.com: Know thy Enemy: Processed Foods It’s so easy to fall under the sway of the idea that ALL processed foods are bad. Perhaps sometimes I use the phrase a bit too freely. Because honestly, there are lots of processed foods I […]

Couscous Salad

Couscous: The pasta so nice they named it twice! I’m honestly not a huge pasta fan. I don’t crave it the way many other people do. While I’m almost always happy eating it, it’s not something I seek out, and I almost never order it at a restaurant (well, except maybe when mac and cheese […]

Book Review: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese (of Tipsy Baker), 2011 This is the book I have been waiting for my. Whole. Life. I know my previous two book reviews were about all the terrible food out there any why you should never ever ever eat any of those processed nightmares the Big […]

What I eat, and what I don’t

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more articles and books about the horrors of processed food. I thought I was doing pretty well — I cook at home nearly every night for my boyfriend and me. I load veggies into every dish. I rarely eat red meat. But about a year ago I looked at […]

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