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Veggie Lasagne

First off, sorry for the radio silence. Sometimes the weather is just too nice to spend evenings writing blog posts…sometimes I’m awfully busy with I don’t even know what, and all I can think to make is endless nights of tacos…sometimes I try to cook some things that sound good in my head but don’t […]

Slow-Cooker Gumbo

What do you do when you have about 6 cups of okra in the fridge? Make gumbo, of course! So at the farmer’s market last weekend I scored 2 overflowing pints of okra for just $4 total! Other vendors at the market were selling smaller pints for $3.50 each. So keep in mind it pays […]

Summer Vegetable Pie

I recently went to my favorite you-pick farm and came home with 40+ pounds of tomatoes, 6 pounds of blackberries, and 2 pounds of these beauts: Oh man, are these eggplants amazing. I’ve grown up eating and loving the big, purple globe eggplants. But then I tried these. Oh, man. I’ve been missing out! These […]

Tomato Pie

I am so. Freakin‘. Excited. for tomatoes. While I’ve been busy crying over my one lone tomato on my plant at home (with two new potentials as of last night, yippee!), my CSA has delivered. I got to take up to 3 pounds with last week’s pick-up, and you better believe I took every last […]

Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Bake

This is a tasty dish with a less-than-descriptive name. Sorry about that. I tried Googling “types of casseroles” and “terms for baked dishes” in hopes of the brilliant minds of the Internet giving me something better, but…”bake” was the best I could come up with. And to think I sometimes consider myself a decent writer. […]

Spaetlze Two Ways

The first time I studied abroad, in Mannheim, Germany (Six weeks in Summer 2007 — wow, that seems like so long ago!), I discovered basically the most amazing food Germany has to offer. Since I didn’t eat red meat at the time (though I would try some samples here and there), I didn’t enjoy much […]

Banana Bread Waffles

They say necessity is the mother of invention. When you get a waffle maker for Christmas, it becomes necessary for you to invent waffle types. When you have overripe bananas, it becomes necessary for you to use them up. Okay, so a quick Google search shows that I was not the first person to come […]

Adventures in Bread Baking, part 1

You may recall a few months ago I said I was going to bake some whole-grain bread soon. Well, I finally did it! And I’ll say, it wasn’t bad for my first attempt. I mean, I’ve made whole-wheat pizza dough before, and baked a few loaves in my lifetime (it’s been quite a while though). […]

Spinach-Artichoke Lasagna

Lasagna is great comfort food when the weather turns cooler. All too often, though, it’s 70% cheese, 25% pasta, and only 5% vegetable (though I’m hesitant to call tomato sauce a vegetable, despite what the USDA claims). I think the more veggies, the better — though there’s nothing wrong with lots of cheese! This version […]

Apple-Cranberry Deep Dish Pie

What better way to usher in Fall than with an apple-cranberry pie? It’s a little sweet, a little tart, a lot of crust, and a TON of fruit. It’s a nice take on a classic…and also, Scott’s mom makes the best apple pies ever so I don’t want to overstep my bounds here. But I […]

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